Ein Refugium

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In the mid-1970s, Wolfgang Bihlmeir began to show films at the Munich Werkstattkino - today he still does that as one of the city's last "analogue" projectionists.




A Portrait about "Werkstattkino" in Munich and it's maintainer. What we did't know before: We were not alowed to show his Face.

This Movie tries to be assosiative and emotional without being an audiobook.


DoPs comment:

What I appreciated the most about this project was the confidence Michael placed in me, so we were able to find Images representing this special Cinema and Wolfgang of course.

He gave me about one hour recordings with Wolfgang, so I could get myself into his mind and find Images that show us the emotional value of what he tells.

Shooting on 16mm in a dark cinema was challanging - we had to think a lot about the light the projector makes and how we can use light without destroying the atmosphere.

I was shivering until I got the results from the laboratory.